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Free Magazines For The Rest of Your Life

I love reading magazines, but subscriptions or just buying a single issue can get expensive. However, I haven’t let money stop me from reading my favorite magazines. I do it for free.

It’s simple. Just go down to your local Borders or Barnes and Noble, grab all the magazines you want to read, sit down in the cafe, and read. When you’re done, put them back where they go. Walk out the door. Free magazines.

I haven’t bought a magazine ever since I’ve started doing this. I’ve realized that it’s really pointless to buy magazines. You can read them in one sitting, so spending $5 for maybe 45 minutes of reading is a big waste of money. Plus, by not buying magazines, you keep your life clutter free. No more old Time’s hanging around in the bathroom or taking up space on your counters. Nice.

Start your free lifetime magazine subscription today at your local bookstore. Your retirement account will thank you.