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Battle of the Sexes: Who Spends More?

This week’s Time magazine has an interesting article on the common idea that women spend more than men do. Come to find out, men actually spend more money overall. Let’s look at the figures.



Car ownership



Eating out












Personal care products



I think there’s some truth to this. Sure, my wife buys new clothes more often than I do, but she usually doesn’t spend that much. One thing I’ve noticed at stores is that men’s clothing usually is more expensive than women’s. Has any one else noticed this? So, when I do buy clothes, I can often spend more than my wife.

I think the figure for tech equipment is too low. I definitely think this is an area where men lose. I’m a sucker for the latest and greatest in technology. Case in point: When I got back from my two year stint as a missionary for my church, I was craving some tech stuff. I had been out of the loop for two years. One of the first things I did when I got back was order custom Dell laptop. Cost: $2,300. I then went and bought a pocket PC. Cost: $400. Those were the biggest wastes of money. The Dell pooped out on me two years after I bought it. Conveniently, right after the warranty expired. The pocket PC didn’t do it for me. I got sick of using it. Paper is the way to go.

The author argues that personal finance books have been duped into believing this misconception and write books that make women feel guilty. Personal finance books often talk about how women’s financial problems are emotional. The reality is they just need to work with budget, not a shrink.

Women unite! You don’t spend more than men. There’s nothing wrong with you. Men, get your act together.

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