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3 Ways To Save Money on Your Personal Printer


If you have a personal ink jet printer at home, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the ridiculous prices it costs for new cartridge. You can be set $30-$40 each time you buy a replacement and each cartridge only gives you about 200 printed pages. It doesn’t take very long before you’ve spent more on ink than on your printer/scanner/copy machine that you have at home. The truth is that printer companies make most their money selling ink, not printers. How can you save money in this area? Check it.

  • Get a Laser printer. While you’ll have to refill the toner in laser printers, you get much printed pages than you would with an ink jet. So you get more bang for your buck. Additionally, it prints much faster then the ink jet. Brother makes cheap laser printers. My father-in-law calls them disposable printers because they’re so cheap and only last about a year. It’s just cheaper to throw the thing out and buy a new one than it would be to replace 4 ink jet cartridges.
  • Print in draft mode. If you don’t want to buy a laser printer, at least print in draft mode with your ink jet when you’re printing documents. It uses much less ink then the normal printer setting and it prints faster. I honestly can’t tell the difference between a document I printed in draft mode and one that I printed in the normal mode. However, you can definitely see a difference when you’re printing an image.
  • Refill your cartridges. Instead of buying new cartridges, save some money by taking them to get refilled. There are several businesses offering cartridge refilling services. I use Cartridge World. Office Depot and Wallgreen’s also offers cartridge refill services. You can save up to 40% on the cost of ink by refilling. Not only are you saving money, you’re helping the environment out as well.