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5 Ways to Use Your Old Credit Cards


One of the fist steps of getting rid of your debt is getting rid of your credit cards. However, instead of just cutting them up immediately, extend your old credit cards’ uses.

  1. Ice Scraper. If you don’t have an ice scraper on hand, try using your credit card. This will probably only work if you just have a light frost on your wind shield.
  2. Door key. If you accidental lock yourself out, press the latch into door by sliding your old credit card between the door and the frame. If the bevel faces the other way, cut the card into an L-shape, insert, and pull toward you. WikiHow has an entry on how to do this. [via Lifehacker].
  3. Guitar Pick. Can’t find your pick? Use the corner of a credit card instead.
  4. Manicure tool. Clean your finger nails with a credit card.
  5. Ruler. When I read, I underline. To make sure my lines are straight, I use my old credit card like a ruler.

What other useful things can you do with an old credit card? Drop me a line.

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