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How to Make 4 Cents a Week From Your Blog

I made a nice discovery today of a great personal finance blog called Rich Minx. (What a great name!) The Rich Minx has written a hilariously insightful post on how to earn 4 cents a week from Adsense. As a low income Adsense user, I was nodding my head during the entire post saying to myself “Yep, I do that.”

My favorites were:

  • Join networking sites that no one actually uses.
    Sign up for all the blog networking sites. This will generate some traffic, maybe 10 visits a day. That’s enough for your 4c. The funny thing is right before I read her post I had just signed up with BlogCatalog. Networking sites are nice in theory, but I honestly haven’t seen much traffic come my way after signing up with them.
  • Digg your articles but don’t let anyone else Digg them.
    1 Digg, that’s enough to generate two or three visitors out of pity. I’ve dugg my own articles. I know it’s an internet faux pas, but who cares. Digging my sites haven’t brought me much traffic.
  • Instead of blogging, just keep checking your stats and income.
    That day when you make 1c will encourage you to keep going. Am I ever guilty of this. I’m a total stats whore. There are times when I’m checking them every 10 minutes. I think I get the same pleasure from checking my sites as crack head taking a hit.

Stop by the Rich Minx. The content is awesome and she has a very sharp, fun-to-read writing style. Rich Minx is definitely going into my Google Reader.

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