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Massive Personal Finance Resource List

Inspired by Leo’s Massive GTD Resource List at Zen Habits, I decided to put together a massive resource list for personal finances. It’s definitely not comprehensive. So, if you see something that I should add to the list, let me know in the comments. Enjoy.

Online Money Management Tools

Unless otherwise stated, all applications are free.

  • Wesabe Track your expenses and get budgeting tips from other users.
  • Money Trackin Powerful online budget tool.
  • Yodlee It’s like having Quicken online for free.
  • Myvelopes If you’re a big fan of the envelope budget system, then try this digital version of it. ($7.90/month)
  • DimeWise You can define multiple accounts and enter and track your transactions. You can also create reports
  • Foonance You can import your bank statements and track expenses with Foonance.
  • iOWEYOU Track and manage shared expenses with others.
  • Buxfer Manage shared expenses.
  • MedBill Manager Manage your medical expenses with this app.
  • iiProperty If you own property that you rent out, iiProperty can help you manage it.
  • Rentometer If you’re a renter, and you want to find out if you’re getting ripped off on rent, check out Rentometer. It will tell you what others are paying in your area.
  • billQ Track and manage your bills.
  • BillMonk Track expenses between friends, roommates. You can also settle bills online via Obopay
  • billster Track personal and shared expenses.
  • BudgetOnWeb Manage your budge, schedules, and contracts in an Excel-like interface
  • BudgetTracker Manage your budget. You can track upcoming bills through RSS
  • ClearCheckBook Expense tracker.
  • ExpenseView Manage your budget and track expenses.
  • JustBudget Budget manager.
  • MySpendingPlan Another budget tool.
  • Plan2Spend Organize your bills and payments
  • SpendingProfile Yet another budget and expense tracker.
  • Track Your Budget A simple budget and transaction tracker.

Offline Software

Unless otherwise stated, all applications are free.

Investing Tools

  • Sharebuilder
  • eTrade
  • Zecco Zecco provides free online investment trading.
  • Wikinancial It’s a wiki about stocks.
  • StockTickr Social investing application. Stock watch lists are shared amongst member.
  • SaneBull AJAX driven web app that allows users to drag and drop information they want to see on their homepage
  • GStock GStock uses a “virtual supercomputer” to analyze stock purchases. It will send you BUY/SELL alerts for your stock portfolio.
  • DigStock It’s Digg for stocks.
  • CAPS CAPS is run by The Motley Fool. CAPS is a community where you can share investment tips.
  • BullPoo BullPoo is another social investing site. Swap info and read blogs about different stocks.
  • Prosper Prosper allows you to lend money to others and make a profit on interest.

How to Use Quicken

How to Use MS Money

There were surprisingly few articles on MS Money. It looks like most people either use Quicken or their own spreadsheet.


Analog Tools

Tools For Mobiles & PDAs

Most of the online money tracking tools allow you to access your information on your cell or PDA.


Magazines and Newspapers


Forums and Groups

There are thousands of forums on personal finance, budgeting, ect. I picked out what I thought were the best. If you want to see more, go to Yahoo! Groups and run a search for personal finance. You’ll find tons of groups dedicated to the subject.

Blog Carnivals


Excellent Personal Finance Articles

High Yield On-line Savings Accounts

Check out Which Online High Yield Savings Account Is Best? at Get Rich Slowly for a comprehensive comparison of all on-line saving accounts.

Credit Card Reward Programs

These are the top credit card reward programs according to Money Magazine. See their article here for more details.

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