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4 New Ways To Use A Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets aren’t just for drying. They can serve double duty in your home in a variety of ways. Instead of using a full dryer sheet to dry you clothes, cut them in half. Use the other half in other parts of your home. It might not save you much money, but every little bit counts. So, for your consideration, I present 4 new ways to use a dryer sheet.

  1. Static Remover. If you put on a piece of clothing and notice you’re having some static cling, just take a dryer sheet and rub the clinging part down a bit.
  2. Air freshener. Throw a dryer sheet in your clothes drawer and closet. It will keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh. You can also keep them by a fan or air conditioner to give your room an odder lift.
  3. Dust cloth. Dryer sheets are dust magnets. I find dryer sheets especially useful for my laptop screen. What’s nice about using a dryer sheet is that the sheet will leave behind a residue that will help prevent future dust build-up.
  4.  Dish rag. If you have some stubborn food build up on your pots and pans, fill them up with water and toss and dryer sheet in. Let the pans soak overnight. In the morning, the baked on junk should come off.

What other ways do you use dryer sheets around the house?

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