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The Frugal Law Student Month in Review- May

This past month, I had a lot of free time on my hands as I await the U.S. Trustees Office to finish my background check so I can start interning this summer. As a result, I’ve had plenty of time to work on The Frugal Law Student.

The Frugal Law Student saw an influx of traffic during the month of May on account of some popular posts. I had 4,433 visits in May. That’s up from 2,474 in April- an increase of 179%! Thank you to all my readers!

I’ve also made it a goal to increase my RSS subscriptions. I’ve installed the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin to encourage first time readers of my site to subscribe. I’ve also put a slug at the end of each post to remind readers to subscribe. My efforts have paid off. I began May with 25 subscribers and ended with 158- a 632% increase! Wow! Would that every month was like that.

Popular Posts

  1. My top post in May was 225 Ways To Drive Traffic Away From Your Blog. It was my mea culpa for the excessive amount of grammatical errors in my post. It was also a lesson learned on creating a successful blog.
  2. 180 Money Saving Tips to Turn Your Life Around 180 Degrees. This was a fun post to write. I just sat down and wrote every frugal tip I’ve learned during my life. Many tips are common sense stuff; however, I’m sure you can find some new ideas in there as well.
  3. Increase Your Buying Pleasure With Tantric Shopping. Sex sells, even on blogs. I took the idea of tantric sex and applied it to shopping. Delayed gratification always brings more enjoyment!


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