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My Experience With Student Loan Consolidation

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Let’s face it. Education costs have gone out the roof. Consequently, most students are forced to take out student loans or receive some other type of financial assistance during college.

I’ve been taking on financial aid since undergrad and overall the experience has been good. Signing up for financial aid is very easy with FAFSA. It takes about 30 minutes of your time. Whenever I did have a question, I was able to quickly find an answer on their webpage or by visiting the financial aid officer at my school.

In addition to student loans, I’ve also received grants from the government and tuition waivers from school. My only beef with government grants is that they don’t give money to graduate students. It’s in the best interest of the country to help doctors, lawyers, and other graduate students pay for their education, especially when such students plan on working in the public sector.

Part of my plan to pay back my student loans is to consolidate them. I’ve already consolidated my undergrad loans with the student loan consolidation program. I went with Nelnet because they sent me the most mail. Another student loan consolidation program is with Make sure to shop around different companies to find the best student loan consolidation program for you. But make sure to consolidate. It makes paying back much easier and you can often get a reduced rate.