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Frugal Experiment: Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda

Last week, I decided to start brushing my teeth with baking soda. In every book on frugality that I have ever read, brushing your teeth with baking soda is always in a list of money saving tips. A box of baking soda costs a little more than a dollar. The amount of baking soda required to brush your teeth is minimal, so you can probably get hundreds brushes in before you run out. The cost per brush probably comes out to a penny, maybe even less.

How to Brush Teeth Using Baking Soda

You can brush your teeth with baking soda in one of two ways. First, you can create a paste from the baking soda in a glass. Just mix the soda with a little water until you get a paste like substance.


The second way is to just put the powder directly on your brush and just start brushing. Your saliva will create the paste. I preferred the second method because it required less time.




It wasn’t too bad. The baking soda has kind of a salty taste, so it’s not as a refreshing experience like brushing your teeth with your mint toothpaste. Baking soda is also abrasive, that’s what makes it such an awesome cleaner. But I think it might have been too abrasive. I had a small cut on my gum at the end of one brushing.

When I was done brushing, my teeth felt squeaky clean. It was like I had just gotten back from the dentist. After a few brushes, I noticed my teeth were a little bit whiter than usual. Very nice. Not only does baking soda make my mouth feel dentist clean, it also whitens them up. I’m not only saving money on toothpaste, I’m saving money on expensive teeth whitening products.

I went to go show my wife the results of my little experiment. I thought she would be ecstatic to hear we can save money each year by switching from normal toothpaste to baking soda.

As I opened my mouth to tell her the good news, my wife’s face cringed, “What smells like poo?”

“What?” I replied.

You’re breath. It smells like poo. Get away from me.”

“That can’t be. I just brushed my teeth with baking soda.”

“Well, it made your breath smell like poo. Please brush your teeth with toothpaste like a normal person.”

Hmmm… so baking soda cleans well, but leaves a poo scent in my mouth. My experiment with brushing my teeth with baking soda ended quickly. My wife didn’t want to be married to a guy with poo breath. Saving my marriage is much more important to me than saving a few dollars.

I haven’t given up completely on the idea. I’ve read that many people add mint extract to their baking soda to leave their mouth feeling fresh. Perhaps that would eliminate the halitosis that brushing with baking soda causes. The only down side is that it would take some time to prepare each morning. If I were ever in a rush, it would really put a kink in me getting out the door on time.

Has anyone else tried brushing their teeth with baking soda? If so, what have your results been?

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