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High Gas Prices=Increase in Car Break-ins?

Earlier today our car was broken into. One of the items taken from it was our gas card. When we called to cancel it, the customer service rep at Shell said there has been an increase of cases like ours ever since gas prices have gone up.

According to the Shell rep, they’ve been getting hundreds of calls like ours everyday and that it’s on the rise. Some people have reported that their cars have been torn apart with most valuables left untouched, but their gas card was stolen. She said that criminals, knowing that many people leave their gas card in their car out of convenience, are breaking in to cars specifically looking for gas cards.

I don’t think this was the reason we got our card stolen. We had stuff in our car that probably made us a target. During their rummaging, the crooks probably saw the card and added it to their haul.

I doubt that there is a correlation with increased gas prices and car break-ins. I can’t imagine crooks breaking into cars only to look for gas cards. What if there is no gas card? I don’t think a criminal is going to say, “Fiddlesticks! No gas card! I’ll just leave these CDs and car stereo here and check the next car over for a gas card.” Perhaps the number of car break-ins is staying the same and crooks are just adding gas cards on the list of things to look for while jacking stuff from cars. Thus, the number of gas cards reported stolen from vehicles will increase to match the number of car break-ins. So, maybe high gas prices=increase in gas card heists, not increase in car break-ins. Either way it sucks.

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