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We’ve Been Burgled!

My wife and I woke up this morning to our car being broken into. They smashed in one of the back windows. Glass was everywhere and was a pain to clean up. The crooks got away with our radar detector, my wife’s CDs, and a gas card.

What a way to start your day. We’re not going to make a claim with our car insurance on this. It’s not worth our rates going up. The window they smashed wasn’t that big, so it shouldn’t be too expensive to replace it. We had the gas card canceled, so no worries with that. I think the most painful thing to lose was my wife’s CDs. Music is really important to my wife, so having those stolen really hurt. She spent lots of money and several years collecting her CDs and now they’re gone. She had about 40 CDs in her case. At $10-$15 for each CD, it would be too costly to replace them.

broken-window.jpg shattered-glass.jpg

(Notice in the first picture that not only was our window broken, a bird pooped right next to it. Thanks, bird, for rubbing our loss in our faces.)

So now we have the ghetto black plastic bag covering where our window used to be. It will have to do until we can get the window replaced. Thankfully, we have a small emergency fund we can dip into to cover the costs to replace the window. It makes me mad we have to use what little emergency money we have on a stupid thing like this.

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