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When To Go With The Brand Name and When To Go Generic

One of the easiest ways to save money is to avoid brand name products and go for the cheaper generic brand. In many cases you’re getting a product with the same amount of quality as the higher priced brand names; however, in some instances you should go with the brand name for the sake of quality.

Things You Should Buy Generic

  1. Milk. There isn’t a huge difference between store brand milk or brand name milks. The government regulates the production process for both types, so both are safe to drink.
  2. Medications. Many pharmaceutical companies distribute generic brands of their products which can cost up to 50% than the name brand. And they work just as well.
  3. Canned Goods. Opt for the generic canned good items. You won’t notice a difference between the name brand and the generic brand.
  4. Bottled water. First, I should note it’s cheaper to avoid bottled water all together. Just get a water filter and fill up a bottle yourself. However, if you must buy bottled water, go with a generic brand. Why spend $1.50 for the brand name water, when you can get it for $.50?

Things You Should Buy Brand Name

  1. Gym shoes. You’re best bet is to go with a brand name here. Most generic or knock off brands are low in quality. I remember buying a pair of knock off brand shoes and they fell apart after one game of basketball.
  2. Soda. Go with the name brands. There’s definitely a difference in taste between the brand names and generic. I also had a bad experience with generic soda. It gave me really terrible gas. I don’t know why, but that was reason enough for me to stop drinking it.
  3. Cleaning products. Opt for the name brand. I’ve tried using generic cleaning products and they don’t clean as well.

What other items do you buy generic? Are there items that you’ll only buy the brand name? Drop a comment and add to the conversation.

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