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As regular viewer of MTV and VH1, I take notice of the advertisements that are shown regularly. The ones that seem to get the most play are the commercials hocking cell phone ring tones or horoscopes/jokes/numerology sent to your phone. The way these commercials work is that viewers text a message to a number, and instantly the viewer has the content advertised.

However, the commercial keeps the price of these useless services in the fine print. So, some hapless teenager or oblivious parent will be spending money on a product that they didn’t know cost money. Today, I tried to get a glimpse of how much it would cost me to have my horoscope sent directly to my cell phone. According to the fine print that was at the bottom of the screen for maybe two seconds, a month of horoscopes would cost $5. There were also some hidden fees that I couldn’t make out, so it probably costs more. I can’t believe people spend $5 dollars to get something they could get for free online.

Every time my wife and I see these commercials we always ask ourselves “Who actually buys this crap?” My guess is clueless teenagers. I’m glad I’m not a parent who has to pay a cell phone bill.

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