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The Frugal Law Student Month In Review- June 2007

June was a great month for The Frugal Law Student. We had over 12,000 visitors plus several new subsribers. Thank you to all my readers as well as fellow bloggers who have helped spread the word about The Frugal Law Student

Most Popular Posts

Here are June’s most popular posts based on the number of visits:

  1. Massive Personal Finance Resource List– This is what brought in most of the new traffic and I have JD Roth at Get Rich Slowly to thank for it. He was kind enough to include this post in his daily links. From there, it got the crap del.icio.used out of it and ended up at the top of the hot page for a day. When all was said and done, over 3,000 people came by in one day. Since then, I’ve had daily residual traffic to this post. Thaks, JD!
  2. 180 Money Saving Tips That Will Turn Your Life Around 180 Degrees– I wrote this in May, but it’s still a popular one. It was included in The Frugal Life newsletter recently. As a result, I had several new people stop by.
  3. 10 Ways To Make Money and Save Money On Facebook– As a big fan of Facebook, this was a fun post to write. Check out how you can take advantage of Facebook’s social network to help your bottom line.
  4. Better Than Netflix– This post was written by my lovely wife, Kate. It’s about how the library is way better than Netflix. Not only can you get free books at the library, you can get free CDs and DVDs. Boo yah!

In Case You Missed It…

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the month:

  1. Ideas For Homemade Father’s Day Cards and Beyond– written by my awesome wife, Kate. Lots of great ideas.
  2. Interview With Saira Rao, Author of Chambermaid– This was my first interview with a big time author. Check out Saira’s new book, Chambermaid!
  3. Frugal Experiment: Brushing Your Teeth With Baking Soda– This is my experience with brushing my teeth with baking soda. Result: it made my breath smell like poo.


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