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Personal Finance Advice From Kanye West: “If you aint no punk holla ‘We Want Prenup!’”

Kanye West. Producer, rapper, financial advisor? That’s right. In addition to busting out phat beats, Mr. West also dispenses financial advice to all those sucka MCs. In 2005’s smash hit “Gold Digger” Kanye lays down the following:

If you aint no punk holla We Want Prenup


It’s something that you need to have

Cause when she leave yo ass she gone leave with half

Should young married couples get a prenup?


This a touchy issue, but here’s my take on it. If you’re young and are planning to get married, a prenup is probably unnecessary. You and your prospective spouse will have to fork over up a couple thousand dollars each to hire a lawyer to write up the document. Because you’re young, you probably don’t have much in assets. Why spend thousands of dollars to protect what little you came into the marriage with? You could try to guess what you’ll have in the future and base divisions on that, but that seems like a pretty futile exercise.

If it’s a second marriage, you should probably consider a prenup. Usually, people marry a second time a bit later in life. By then you probably have colletect considerable assets and a few children. If you want to ensure your children are taken care of financially after you’re gone the investment in a prenup will be worth it.

Personally, I don’t think prenups are necessary at all. Call me naïve or old fashion, but I feel if people really care about each other and have a solid relationship, a prenup can be killjoy on a marriage. I would have hated the idea of starting off my marriage discussing with Kate what will happen when we decide to go our separate ways. To me it’s like you’re already conceding that a marriage is doomed to fail.

What are your thoughts about prenuptial agreements? Should young married couples have them? Are you married without a prenuptial agreement? Tell us your experience.

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