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Save Money and Eat Healthier: Buy Frozen and Canned Produce


We all know that eating fruits and vegetables everyday is an essential part in maintaining a healthy diet. Most people think that to get the full nutritional benefit of produce you have to buy it fresh. There’s some truth to that belief. However, if you buy your “fresh” produce from the supermarket, you’re probably not really getting fresh produce.

Fresh produce really isn’t fresh

Fresh produce loses vital nutrients and vitamins as soon as it’s harvested. Additionally, it can take weeks before the produce arrives at your local market, thus losing even more nutrients. By the time you eat your “fresh” produce, it will have lost most of its nutritious value.

Fresh produce is expensive

Most Americans skip on produce because it’s expensive. When money is tight, highly processed foods are an attractive, albeit unhealthy, way to save money.

The solution? Frozen or canned produce

Frozen or canned produce is virtually identical in terms of nutrition to freshly harvested produce. In some instances, frozen or canned produce have been shown to be better than fresh produce.

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