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Free Law School Admissions Webinar For Frugal Law Student Readers

All you pre-law students or readers interested in going to law school, listen up. Ann K. Levine, law school admissions expert and coach, is offering a free webinar to Frugal Law Student readers called “I’ve Taken the LSAT; Now What?” You can attend this $150 webinar absolutely free if you mention The Frugal Law Student in your sign up e-mail.

Ann’s webinar will be August 4 at 12PM EST. She’ll take you step by step on what you need to do during your law school application process. Ann will also explain how to take advantage of rolling admissions and how you can be done with applying to law school by early November. I wish I knew this kind of stuff when I was applying. Sign up today so you can take advantage of this free offer. Remember to mention The Frugal Law Student.

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One of the most important decisions a Law Student makes is choosing where they will eventually practice Law. It requires a different set of certifications to become a New York Attorney than it does to qualify as a California Lawyer, and an bar requirements vary by State.