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Festival of Frugality #84

Welcome to the 84th Festival of Frugality! Here you will find the week’s best posts on frugal living. I’ve organized the entries into different categories so readers can get to what interests them quickly. Thanks to everyone who participated! Make sure to tune in next week to Frugal Babe for another edition of the Festival of Frugality. Make sure you sign up for my e-mail newsletter or RSS Feed before you leave.

Frugal Tech

Speed Endurance gives 10 Reasons Why To Love Google. All 10 reasons add up to free computer applications.

Dough Roller talks about his experience using a rented Nikon lens in Guatemala. Make sure to check out the photos. They’re amazing. And he saved money doing it!

Chief Family Officer suggests that you keep your old cell phone when you upgrade. You never know when it will come in handy.

Plus6 Personal finance presents Top 5 Free Microsoft Office Replacements. Are you tired of having to fork over a couple hundred bucks every-time your Microsoft software becomes obsolete? Check out this post for free alternatives.

Hustler Money Blog explains how you can get $40 Credit to your Verizon landline bill.

Frugal Food

Bean Sprouts demonstrates how you can use the residual heat from a slow cooker to raise bread dough.

Wise Bread asks the age old question-Bottled Water: Healthy Indulgence or Marketing Ploy?

Money Dummy confesses their seven deadly couponing sins

Mr. Credit card presents Bachelors Tips For Supermarket Savings. I used several of these tips when I bached it.

Who needs Pop Secret? Stop the Ride shows us how to make our own microwave popcorn.

Free Money Finance saves money on groceries by walking down a bad aisle.

The Wastrel Show hosts a battle royal: Eating In vs. Eating Out

Cheap Healthy Good tells us how to create a pantry of the gods. Zeus would be envious.

Frugal Entertainment

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents A Year’s Worth of Weekly Cheap Dates. As a married law student, this list was much appreciated.

The Digerati Life recounts their Cheap Barbecue And Safe Fireworks Fun Family Extravaganza.

The Simple Dollar has an awesome list of fifteen more free things to do during a money-free weekend. My favorite was “dig out an old video game console out of the closet and play some of your old favorites.” It’s all about Excite Bike, baby.

My Two Dollars asks Why Pay For Satellite Radio? Listen At Home Or Work For Free Anytime

Clever Dude discusses the cost of upgrading your viewing experience. You not only lose money, you lose out on life experiences.

Family Finance Blog talks about cheap movie rentals.

Frugal Investing

Write to Right gives a few ways to save money with a small business opportunity.

Debt Free presents Strategies to Save Money When Buying a House.

The SKILLED INVESTOR Blog discusses Roth IRA Contributions versus Traditional IRA Contributions for Renters

Frugal Behavior

The Happy Rock gives Cheaper Than Cheap Tip Of The Week #1 – Pretend You Are Running Out. When you think you’re running out of money, you’re less likely to spend money.

FILAM Personal Finance suggests “Shoppers, Know Thyself”.

Possess Less Exist More explains how living like you’re at Walden can create wealth in How Owning Less Leads to Debt Elimination & Wealth Creation

Grad Money Mattes analyzes their cyclical frugality in Now Frugal, Now Not.

Fish Creek House discusses how you don’t have to put off a simple life until retirement in Present Simplicity.

Pick the Brain presents 78 Timeless Wealth Building Tips from Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin was the O.G.F (original gangsta’ of frugality). His tips are always helpful.

Frugal Journey presents Spend A Little…Save A Lot. It’s kind of counter-intuitive. If you want to save money, sometimes you have to spend it.

Economic Essays explains the Economics of Saving Money. What is opportunity cost and how does it relate to being frugal? Find out here.

Frugal Law

Zoo Law has put together a list of the Best Free Legal Resources Online.

Frugal DIY

Kay presents Project: building a shoe-storage bench posted at frugalux.

Saving Advice gives several ideas for Inexpensive Alternatives to Store-Bought Greeting Card. When I went to the drug store the other day, I was surprised to see how much greeting cards cost now. This post has some great ideas on how you can tell someone you care without spending a fortune.

Over at Juice Fairy discusses gardening on a budget

Frugal Shopping

Money Ning has prepared a nice list of the Cheapest Days to Purchase different items. Want to know when to get the best deals on books or airplane tickets? Read this post.

Unclaimed Money says Now is the Time to Shop for Summer. If you want to save money next summer, here are some things you can purchase now in order to save money.

Frugal Prep

Welcome to The Future is saving money for the apocalypse

Frugal Car

We’re in debt presents Tips To Get the Best Price On Your Next Car. If you’re like me and are completely clueless about how to purchase a big item like a car, this article is great.

Frugal Celebrities and Movies

Frugal Panda showcases the Top 10 Most Frugal Celebs. It’s nice to see not all celebrities burn cash like it’s fire starter.

KCLau’s Money Tips presents Money Lessons from Transformers movie. Transformers. They’re personal finance gurus in disguise.

Featured Resource

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