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A Broccoli Floret a Day Keeps the Doctor, and the Debt Away

Today there was a interesting article on “MSN Money” about how adopting a vegetarian diet can save you money. The article notes that this sometimes seems counter intuitive since produce can seem pricey and the Junior Whopper on the dollar menu, is only, well, a dollar. But generally speaking, while chicken breasts and ground round cost around $3 a pound; beans, lentils, and rice cost less than a $1 a pound.

Of course man (or woman) cannot live on lentil soup alone. And fruits and veggies don’t come cheap. To save money the vegetarian shopper should choose produce that is in season, look for deals on locally grown food, and buy frozen items because they can be cheaper, and best of all do not go bad before an urge to snack on those asparagus spears strikes.

Vegetarian shoppers should avoid products that are meat product posers-you know the veggie “hot dogs” that wouldn’t even fool someone who’s sense of taste had been horribly managled in an accident. In all honesty there are some tasty meat replacements out there (delicious BBQ “riblets” anyone?) but many can cost more than $5 a pound! The meat may be fake, but the hit to your wallet is very real. Also, if you have been free basing “Chik Nuggets” it is worth looking into the dark side of too much soy.

By sticking to the basics-things like oatmeal, rice, beans, and lentils bought in bulk-and accented with fruits and vegetables, a vegetarian can live frugally and deliciously. And what really saves them money in the long term are the benefits to their health. Some studies have shown that a plant based diet can add years to your life, and ward off ailments like cancer, heart disease, and dementia. By not having to pay the big hospital and doctor bills that come with these diseases, you can save a ton of money in the long term.

So put down that drumstick buster! Your wallet, and your body, will thank you.