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How Do You Get A Job That Requires Experience So You Can Get Experience?


One of the big problems facing young professionals just starting out is their lack of experience. Most employers are seeking employees with a couple of years of work experience under their belt. How do you get a job that requires experience so you can get the experience?

Start off in a different position. If the job you want requires previous experience in that position, try consider taking a different position in the same department or firm that doesn’t require previous experience. You’ll get to work with the person in the job you want and get an idea of what they do. When the job opens up again, apply for it. Many companies often look internally first for filling new positions. By working a different job in the same place, you can put yourself in a position to land the job you want.

Focus on your ability to learn. When interviewing for a job that requires experience you don’t have, play up your ability to learn quickly. In order for this to work, give specific examples. A great way to do this is interview the firm and the challenges they’re facing and offer possible solutions to them. That ought to impress the interviewer with your ability to learn quickly.

Delay the paying job and get an internship. Internships are a great way to learn about a career or job you’re interested in. If you don’t have the experience to get the job you want right away, take a year off and intern to get the experience you need.

Do contract or freelance work. Look around for freelance or contract work that can give you the experience you need to land the job you want. For example, if you’re law grad and the job you want requires experience in a certain area of law, see if you could do contract legal research for a firm that specializes in that kind of law.