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Tantric Shopping In Practice: I Want A MacBook!!


A while back ago, I wrote about how the practice of tantric shopping can save you money and increase your buying pleasure. These past few weeks I’ve had to put that principle into overdrive. Out of nowhere, I’ve been bitten by the Apple bug and I now have MacBook fever. I’ve never wanted something so bad. It’s sick, actually. I’m salivating right now thinking about the MacBook’s clean design and awesome hardware features.

Here’s the problem. MacBooks cost over $2,000 and I’m in law school making almost no money. I could- I could if I really wanted to, buy one. I have some money saved away that I could use or I could use the credit card. But I won’t and here’s why.

First, I have a great laptop right now and it’s relatively new. I bought it last year for $500 with some help from my parents. It does everything I need: take notes in class, make outlines, and blog. There really is no justification in buying a new computer when I haven’t even owned the one I have now for a year and it’s in good condition.

Second, I don’t have the money. Well, I do have some money, but it’s in our emergency fund and Freedom Account. No way am I going to raid those coffers just so I can instantly gratify myself with a new Mac. Charging is also out of the question. That $2,000 MacBook could end up costing me $3,000 if we add on interest. Uh-uh. No way, Jose.

Third, I really can’t articulate how a MacBook will make me happier. When my wife asks me why I want a MacBook, I have a hard time articulating why. I like the iLife software and the Mac’s sense of design, but that’s about all I can come up with. A warning sign that a want really is frivolous is if you can’t articulate exactly how making a purchase will make you happier. Until I can come up with something more specific on why I want the MacBook, no dice on buying one.

So, the MacBook has gone on my Someday/Maybe list. Maybe when I’m done with law school and have a nice job, I’ll splurge and buy the MacBook. I’ll call it my reward for finishing law school. Or perhaps someday Apple will give me a free MacBook just so I can write on my blog about how Macs are better than PC’s for law students. Right… By the time any of these things happen, I’m sure the urge to buy a MacBook will have passed. But if the urge isn’t gone by then, oh how awesome will it be to finally have one.