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10 Personal Finance Blogs You NEED To Subscribe To

Knowledge is power, so part of my plan to take charge of my finances is to read up on personal finance. You could read some personal finance books; unfortunately most of them suck. That’s why I get most of my personal finance info and tips from personal finance blogs. There are hundreds of them, but only a few consistently provide amazingly useful content. Here are the 10 personal finance blogs you need to subscribe to by RSS feed or email.

1. The Simple Dollar. Trent cranks out tons of content every day. And it’s all good! To give you an idea of what kind of content to expect when you subscribe to The Simple Dollar check out Trent’s One Hour Finance Series. Subscribe to The Simple Dollar by RSS Feed or Email (visit the site to sign up).

2. Get Rich Slowly. There’s a reason Get Rich Slowly has over 30,000 subscribers (30,000!). J.D. takes the intimidating topic of personal finance and makes it approachable for any person. Which high-yield savings account is best? is a great example of what to expect when you subscribe to Get Rich Slowly. Subscribe by RSS Feed or Email (visit the site sign up).

3. The Digerati Life. I like the Digerati Life because 1) the author is a woman and we need more women personal finance bloggers and 2) the topics she chooses to write on are always engaging. Should You Quit School Because You’re Brilliant? is a great example of her writing. Subscribe to The Digerati Life by RSS Feed or Email (visit their site to sign up.)

4. Clever Dude. The Dude has been in my Google reader for quite some time now. Not only does The Dude write about money, he writes about how money affects relationships. As a fellow young married person, I can relate to a lot of what The Dude writes about. For example, Examine Your Motives:Having Kids was extremely relevant to my wife and I as we have discussed whether to bring Little Frugal Law Students into the world. Subscribe to Clever Dude by RSS Feed or by Email.

5. Wise Bread. Wise Bread is one of the few group personal finance blogs out there. As a result, they are able to produce tons of quality content on a consistent basis. Wise Bread runs the gamete on personal finance topics. Remove car dents quickly and cheaply and Socially Responsible Investing Goes Green are examples of what to expect from Wise Bread. Subscribe to them by RSS Feed.

6. Money Smart Life. I like Money Smart Life because of the writing style and the topics covered on the blog. Not only does the author focus on how to manage your money, he also focuses on emotional and psychological aspects of money management without sounding cheesy. For a great example, see Money Isn’t Everything. Subscribe to Money Smart Life by RSS Feed or by Email.

7. Money, Matter, and More Musings. What’s great about Money, Matter, and More Musings are its longer posts. While short tips posts are nice, it’s always a treat to go in depth into a topic with the author at Money, Matter, and More Musings. Looking At Life With A Stock Market Perspective was a recent fun read. Subscribe to Money, Matter, and More Musings by RSS Feed or Email (visit the site to sign up).

8. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet. Boston Gal is another great female personal finance blogger. Her posts are always informative and entertaining. She also keeps us abreast with the latest deals! See 401(k) Loans: At Your Own Risk for an example of Boston Gal’s most recent work. Subscribe to Boston Gal by RSS feed or by Email.

9. I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Besides founding and running PBWiki, Ramit Sethi also finds time to run an outstanding personal finance blog. Not only does Ramit focus on personal finance, he also writes about how young people can develop entrepreneurial skills that can help them earn more money. Check out Conscious Spending: How My Friends Spend $21,000/yr Going Out. Subscribe to I Will Teach You To Be Rich by RSS Feed or by Email.

10. Getting Finances Done. Getting Finances Done took the productivity idea behind Getting Things Done and applied them to finances. I like GFD for its articles on the technicalities in managing your finances. I’m always fiddling with how I keep track of my budget. GFD has done a great job in giving me some guidance. Check out Applying GTD Principles to Your Personal Finances Part I and Part II. Subscribe to Getting Finances Done by RSS Feed or by Email (visit the site to sign up).

What personal finance blogs do you all subscribe to? Drop a line in the comment box.