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What If I Were Debt Free?

I’ve been tagged in the “What if I Were Debt Free?” meme by Rocket Finance.

What if I were debt free? Man, that’s a heavy question. I sometimes forget the reason that I’m doing this whole frugal living thing is so I can become debt free as soon as possible. I focus so much on the process of becoming debt free, that I really don’t think about why I’m doing it.

After pondering on this question for the past few days, the conclusion that I reach is that I wouldn’t do anything different from what I’m doing now. 

Even after the debts were paid off, I’d probably continue living frugally. Saving money isn’t the only thing that attracts me to frugality.  Frugality forces me to be creative and come up with new ways to do things. It’s something that oddly excites and entertains me.  So, I think I would have a hard time leaving that behind as soon as my debts are paid off.

I guess there is one change that would occur. With the extra money no longer going to pay off debts, I would increase the amount I’m currently investing to build up my retirement even faster. It would be nice to retire early and devote time to volunteering, my family, or a hobby.

OK, I guess its my turn to tag some people. Let’s see…. who to pester?

What about you all? What would you do if you were debt free? I’d love to read your visions of a debt free future, so drop a comment in the comment box.