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6 Painless Ways to Save $100 a Week

Some people just aren’t ready to take the plunge into full flung frugality. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, here’s a quick list of 6 painless things you can do to save $100 bucks and get your feet wet for frugal living.

1. Stay in one weekend a month. A night out on the town can easily set you back $50. Restaurant, drinks, and a movie all add up. Instead of going out, buy a frozen pizza and a liter of soda and check a movie out from the library. You can have just as much fun without having to spend so much money.Savings:$50
2. Skip Starbucks once a week. There’s a reason why Starbucks is a successful company-their coffee is super expensive. A cup costs $4 and if you’re like most people, you’re probably picking up a $3 pastry to go with your joe. If you can’t live without Starbucks in the morning, try to go at least one day without stopping by. Make your coffee at home or just drink the coffee at work.Savings:$7
3. Buy no-name brands at the grocery store. I’ve written about when to go name brand and when to go generic before. Buying generic can save you a ton of money at the grocery store. There usually isn’t a difference between the store brand and the name brand except for the packaging. Savings:$20
4. Brown bag your lunch once a week.Eating out everyday is killing your budget. A lunch at a simple burger place will cost you at least $6. Instead of heading out with your co-workers, bring you own lunch. Not only will brown bagging it save you money, it will also help your health. Restaurant food is full of unhealthy calories.Savings:$6
5. Skip the vending machine for a day.The last time I went to a vending machine I was shocked how much things cost now. A soda is $1.25 and a bag of donuts costs more than a $1. If you make more than one trip a day, you can easily spend $3. Bring your own snacks from home. It costs less and is healthier.Savings:$3
6. Set aside $10 a week.Each week make it a goal to find $10 that you can put somewhere so you can’t spend it. This can be pretty easy. After you break a $20, take $10 and set it aside. Piece of cake.Savings:$10