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Get Help Finding Your New Legal Job With, a new legal salary site, launched last month. Its stated
mission is to provide the most current and comprehensive law firm compensation
data and job search resources. is geared towards law students
and law firm associates and fills the void between NALP (which is geared towards
law students) and the American Lawyer 100 and 200 reports (which broadly cover
law firm economics). Its logo shows an associate leaning back in an office
chair throwing a paper airplane, which sets the tone for the site. The site
was created for associates, but we suspect the site will become a significant
resource for law firm management, recruiting personnel and headhunters. launched in early December with just over 100 firms and has
already expanded to over 200 firms. Despite its infancy, it already has the
most comprehensive and current associate salary data available on the web. The
site represents a significant improvement from existing legal salary sources
because it is free and its content is timely and therefore relevant.
Submissions and corrections are reviewed and uploaded to the site within hours
of submission and the Already Bored staff is actively expanding and improving
the data. In addition to salary information, the site also includes sections
for law firm research, job postings and discussion boards.