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A New Blog and Some Help For A Friend

Written by Brett McKay

A new project

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a new blog called The Art of Manliness. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning FLS. I’m just preparing for the day when I’ve graduated law school and can no longer honestly be called The Frugal Law Student. I’m going to need a new blog to devote myself to. However, I’ll continue to blog here at FLS.

There are a few reasons I’m starting The Art of Manliness. First, I’m concerned for men my age. Let’s face it. Most of us are a bunch of slackers. We don’t take our lives seriously. 1/3 of Generation Y males are still living with their parents with no plans for the future. Some start college, but don’t finish it. Many are taking on huge amounts of debt to finance lavish lifestyles. Basically, Generation Y males aren’t growing up. So, I hope to provide some motivation for these guys.

Second, I wanted to make a men’s publication that I would enjoy reading. I enjoy reading Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, GQ, and Askmen.com All of these publications provide stellar articles that touch on all aspects of men’s lives. My problem with them is they have a lot of stuff I don’t like.

Take Askmen.com. Everyday they publish awesome tips on how to excel in your career and improve your health. The problem is that the site’s main focus is on women and their cleavage. The same goes with Men’s Health. Each month, each magazine is jammed packed with the amazing articles. Of course, they have to intersperse the magazine with almost naked women. I hate how we as a society objectify women. The Art of Manliness will be a publication that your wife or girlfriend wouldn’t mind you reading.

My other problem with men’s publications is they promote a lifestyle that is not within reach of the average man. I hate it when Men’s Health or GQ puts together wardrobe suggestions that cost a thousands bucks. Seriously. What average guy can afford to drop $400 for a dress shirt. In The Art of Manliness, I plan on giving dressing and grooming suggestions that a guy like me can afford.

In conjunction with the launch of The Art of Manliness, I’ve created an Ebook called “The Art of Manliness Guide to Being A Gentleman in 2008.” The book is completely FREE to those who subscribe to The Art of Manliness. Please consider subscribing to the Art of Manliness and download the Ebook. The Ebook is freely distributable, so go ahead and forward it to as many people as you want.

I’d also appreciate your help in promoting The Art of Manliness. If you Digg or use del.icio.us, please consider bookmarking a few of the articles over there. Also, if you have a blog, a link to the free ebook offer would be much appreciated.

Help for a friend

Finally, my good friend Leo has his blog, Zen Habits, nominated for “Best Overall Blog of the Year” at Performancing. Please take two seconds to vote for Zen Habits. Leo is a great guy, has a super blog, and has helped a lot of people. He deserves to win. If you haven’t ever heard of Zen Habits, then you’re definitely missing out. Stop by the site and subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Introducing A New Frugal Law Student Contributor, Tony Marrone

Written by Brett McKay

I’m happy to announce FLS will be adding a new contributor to the site. Tony Marrrone is a second year law student from Syracuse. and authors the blog The Taxman Cometh. Tony is interested in personal finance and its intersection with students. I’m looking forward to reading his content. Let’s give a warm FLS welcome to Tony!

Where Has The Frugal Law Student Been?

Written by Brett McKay

I’m sure many you may have noticed a lack of posts this past month. No, I haven’t abandoned the blog. I’ve just been on a much needed blog vacation. Last semester kicked my butt. Writing my law review article, keeping up with classes, and maintaining FLS wore me out. I needed a break, so I took it.

Plans for This Semester

I’m hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule starting this week. I’m planning on not writing everyday. Instead, I’m shooting for about three posts a week. I want to focus on quality, not quantity. I feel like when I was writing everyday I would publish a bunch of garbage just so I could have a post everyday.

I’ve also become a contributer to the Prosper Blog. I’ll be posting there every two weeks or so. Make sure to check it out. There’s lots of great financial bloggers contributing.

I’m also working on a new blog project that I’m hopping will transition me as blogger post-law school. It’s kind of hard being “The Frugal Law Student” when I’m no longer in law school, so I need a blog that I can work on when I’m done. I’m hoping to launch it in the next two weeks. I’ll let everyone know when I do.

Frugal Law Student Named Top Law Student Blog by ABA Journal Readers

Written by Brett McKay

blawg100_topwinner_jd.jpgI just wanted to let everyone know that The Frugal Law Student was recently named the top law student blog by ABA Journal readers. Thank you to everyone who voted and helped spread the word about The Frugal Law Student! I couldn’t have done it without my great readers.

The Best of Frugal Law Student 2007

Written by Brett McKay

It’s been an amazing year at The Frugal Law Student. It has grown considerably. At the beginning of the year, FLS had maybe 50 subscribers. Now it’s sitting at 744. Daily traffic averaged about 50 a day; now FLS is averaging 500. FLS has even gotten some main stream media press in the Tulsa World and the ABA Journal! I never imagined that this little hobby of mine would have gotten so big when I started it last year.

And I owe a large part of FLS’s success to my readers. Thank you for reading my blog, submitting ideas, and passing along the word to others. You all keep me motivated to keep producing killer content.

And now, for a review of this spectacular year at The FLS, I present “The Best of Frugal Law Student 2007.” Enjoy!


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The Frugal Law Student Month In Review- November 2007

Written by Brett McKay

November was a brutal month for me in school. My law review article consumed most of time during the month, so I wasn’t able to post as often as I usually do. Let’s see how the Frugal Law Student did this past month.


The Frugal Law Student got quite a bit of press this November. The big news is that FLS was named one of the top 100 law blogs by the ABA Journal! They’re now taking votes on which blog is the best in its category. If you haven’t voted, please take second and do so by clicking here. I’d really appreciate it! Anybody can vote, so tell your friends to vote as well! (It’s just one click. No registration is necessary.)

The other bit of press FLS got this past month was in the Tulsa World. Check out the article about the site here.


FLS had 16,627 visitors during November. That’s down from the 27,000 we had in October, but October was an unusually good month for FLS with social media sites like Digg and Stumbleupon.

RSS subscriptions are up to 675. Thank you to all my loyal readers who subscribe!

Popular Posts

  1. 12 Meals That Are Cheap, Easy, and Healthy. Long time FLS reader Erica wrote this post back in September and it’s consistently in the top 5 each month. Lots of great ideas here.
  2. Do It Yourself Pottery Barn Halloween Countdown Calendar. My sister Shannon wrote this back in September. I’m surprised that this was number 2 during the month of November seeing how Halloween was in October. Perhaps people are taking the idea to make a Christmas Countdown Calendar. Definitely give it a look.
  3. The Garage Sale Without a Garage: Declutter Your Life and Make Money on Ebay. This was a fun post to write. If you feel like you’re being bogged down by clutter, here’s a step by step plan to clear it out and make some money in the process.
  4. 180 Money Saving Tips to Turn Your Life Around 180 Degrees. I wrote this post back in May and its still one of my more popular ones.
  5. Frugal Experiment: Brushing Teeth With Baking Soda. While brushing your teeth makes your teeth with baking soda makes your teeth feel squeaky clean, it leaves your breath smelling like poo.


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