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Holy Crap! I’m Back in High School!

Written by Brett McKay



If the lockers and bringing your lunch in a sack wasn’t enough, then the Student Bar Association elections has really brought law school back to high school. When I walked into school the other day, the walls were covered with homemade campaign posters for SBA delegates. It really creeped me out to seeing pictures of grown adults photoshoped pictures with Will Ferrel in order to promote themselves.

I was really big in to the Student Council thing when I was in High School and honestly thought I left those days behind when I graduated. I guess I was wrong. Somebody save me from law school/high school!

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Limit your club memberships

Written by Brett McKay

Law school offers many opportunities to get involved. Membership in a club or organization can help law students network and learn about possible areas of law they want to practice after school. It also looks good on resumes. Additionally, clubs have the added benefit of free food.

However, joining clubs often require membership dues. It’s possible to spend over $75 on membership dues a year. $75 a year might seem like a drop in the bucket, but every little bit adds up.

If you plan on joining a club, make sure you’re committed to attending the meetings, or you’re just wasting your money. Scout out the club by attending a meeting. If you like it, join. If you think you’re not going to enjoy it, don’t.

Not only does limiting your club membership save you money, it also can save you time in your already busy schedule.