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77 Tips to Learn Faster

Written by Brett McKay

Law school requires students to learn huge amounts of information quickly. Good thing the Online Educational Database has created an awesome list of methods to increase how quickly you learn things.

In Hacking Knowledge, 77 Ways to Learn, Faster, and Deeper The Online Educational Database offers several knowledge hacks that will have you memorizing future estate rules in no time flat.

Some of the useful categories for law students include:

  • Recall techniques
  • Visual Aids
  • Verbal and Auditory Techniques
  • Self Motivation
  • For Students and Self Studiers

Check it out. You can definitely spend a lot of time reading this. All of the tips are really good, but just pick a few you want to use. Trying to implement too many too soon will definitely cause your brain to overload.

Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better by Online Educational Database [via Dumb Little Man]

Google Talk as GTD Capture System

Written by Brett McKay

There’s this guy that I sit behind in property class that is always doing something else on his laptop instead of listening to the professor. For the past few week’s I’ve noticed him typing stuff into a little box in the bottom of his screen. At first I thought he was using an idea capture tool like GyroQ to capture his ideas. Instant productivity envy and fear that this guy was going to set the curve on the exam filled my soul. But then I got a closer look. The guy is really just chatting on Google Talk. The envy and fear left, but an idea was born. Google Talk GTD Capture System.

Here’s how it works.

First, create a “dummy” account with Google. This is the account you will be “chatting” with.

Second, Send messages to yourself on Google Talk when you have an idea. That’s it.


The really handy part is what happens to those messages after you send them. All chat sessions on Google Talk are saved in your Gmail account under “Chats.” This has three very powerful advantages to other idea capture tools.

  • First, your notes are filed in chronological order, so doing daily and weekly reviews won’t require remembering when you wrote that note. The date is already there and filed accordingly.

Second, you can add categories to your chat sessions to yourself. Thus, you have the ability to easily add contexts to your notes. If you have GTDGMail

  • googletalk21.gif
  • Finally, you have the power of Gmail’s search feature at your disposal. Need all your notes on that trip to Rome you’re planning? Type in “trip” or “Rome” or whatever and let Gmail retrieve your notes. It’s like having a reference file without having to really file anything.

I’ve just started to use this system and have been really happy with it. I’ve been looking for a good computer based capture system, but have not been happy with the plethora of digital scratch pads or sticky notes that are out there. Sure, they’re handy for writing an idea down, but organizing them was a pain. Now I have Google to do that for me. I love you Google.

My New Favorite Website

Written by Mrs. FLS

Last month I discovered Lifehacker. Ever since then, my life hasn’t been the same. I can spend hours looking through their archives at all the cool tips to make my life easier and more productive. Because of Lifehacker I’ve learned to

Go check out Lifehacker today.