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Massive Resource List for Online Learning

Written by Mrs. FLS

Lifehacker had post on this nifty site, Massive Resource List for All Autodidacts. It’s just a page with different lists of stuff you can lean on the Internet. They have a list for free podcasts of different university lectures. You can learn about economics and U.S foreign policy from a real professor. There’s also a list of places where you can learn a foreign language for free. I also like how they’ve included a list of free useful software for students.

How this can help law students
One thing I’ve learned in law school is that the study of law often touches on other subjects. If a student really wants to understand the law, it’s often useful to be familiar with these subjects. For example, in Constitutional law, history plays a huge role in the development of the law. Background in American history can be extremely useful in understanding Con law. Another example is contracts and property. I wish I would have taken an economics class or two while I was an undergrad. General knowledge about the subject would have come in handy.

Check it out today.