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Do you believe in money(or law school) magic?

Written by Brett McKay

The New York Times has an article about studies showing how our brains are wired for magical thinking. Even highly skeptical people cling to private rituals that they think somehow will help determine the outcome of an event in their life. Even when one knows that it’s not rational to believe that wearing a certain shirt or carrying a certain penny will change the outcome of our life, we still do it because it brings a bit of confidence.

So, do you believe in money magic? Some people do, like Steven Palvina. Here’s a page with spells to attract money. Prosperity gospel leaders like Joel Olsten teach their followers that if they pray for wealth, God will bless them with it. Has money magic brought you prosperity?

I don’t really have any money magic rituals that I do. However, I am pretty superstitious when it comes to law school. I have a set routine that I do everyday. If I break it, I feel like I’m going to jinx myself.