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The Frugal Law Student’s Net Worth

Written by The Frugal Law Student

Today, for the first time, I determined my net worth…. wow.
Right now, Mrs. Frugal Law Student and I’s net worth is $-37,420.53. Damn. We’re in the hole and I have two more years of law school to finish.

Let’s break this number down into assets and liabilities.

Cash Savings: $5,583.90
Checking: $1,210.79
IRA: $1,815.49
Mutual Funds: $6,141.37

Total: $14,751.55

Frugal Law Student’s Student Loans: $21,464.59
Mrs. FLS Student Loans: $30,685.49

Total: $52,150.08

Net Worth: $-37,420.53

We’ve got a lot of work on our hands. Ideally, we would like to pay a lot of our debt off while I’m in school. Mrs. FLS is an adjunct teacher at the community college here in town, but it doesn’t pay that much. We need to look for ways to make some side cash while I’m still in school. I’m depressed. Time to work on my memo.