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Frugal Tip: Pay attention to washing instructions

Written by Brett McKay

I like to help around the house. Mrs. Frugal Law Student is busy preparing history lectures, so I try to do things that will alleviate pressure on her to do housework. But, usually when I try to help, I just ruin things.

This morning I got up early and thought I would put a load of laundry in. When I was single, I never had clothing that required hand cleaning. I would just dump everything in the washing machine.

My wife, however, has several items of clothing that should not be machine washed. They all happen to be her favorite articles of clothing. Well, when I put the laundry in this morning, two of those non-machine wash pieces went in with the t-shirts.

Result? A very mad Mrs. Frugal Law Student. One blouse is all frayed and the other one is pilly. They’re pretty much ruined. I’m going to try to salvage the pilly shirt by following the instructions on this website. Mrs. Frugal Law Student gave me quite a tongue lashing on how if I really want to be frugal, I need to more careful about how I treat clothes. We’re probably going to have to go buy a new shirt for her. In the words of Mrs. FLS “That’s just money going down the paper shredder.”

Lesson learned: Being frugal not only means saving money on stuff you spend, it also means taking care of the stuff you have so you don’t have to replace it as often. Learn from my mistakes. Check the tags before you put something in the wash.

Daily Report

Written by Brett McKay

Received a reimbursement check in the mail today from our insurance company for $21.36. Also, Mrs. Frugal Law Student’s grandma sent us $30 just because.

Today was grocery day. The bill was a little more expensive than usual because we’re having guests over for dinner tomorrow night. Total was $76.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble limiting the amount of time I spend blogging. I check my hit meter compulsively and spend every five minutes looking at bloglines.com. I’m worried that my blogging addiction might have adverse effects on my first semester 1L grades.

I took my concern to Legal Andrew, and he was nice enough to write up a post on how to curb your blogging addiction during finals time. Check it out!

Daily Report

Written by Brett McKay

I am happy to report that we went another day without spending a dime. Additionally, I received a $150 rebate from my laptop that I bought a few months ago. Yesterday my wife received her paycheck of $986. I need to take some of that and divide it among our investments and student loans.

Daily Report

Written by The Frugal Law Student

No money was spent today. I’m still trying to figure out ways to increase our income. I’m kind of limited right now because of school. Maybe donate plasma? I thought about recycling stuff, but all the recycling centers that pay money are on the other side of town. The amount I would spend in gas, would probably negate any money I made from the effort. I guess I’m stuck recycling for altruistic reasons. Damn.

However, Mrs. Frugal Law Student received her fat pay check today, so we’ll be making some payments on that loan and investing.

Save Money by Living with the in-laws

Written by The Frugal Law Student

Part of my plan to mitigate my law school debt is living with my in-laws. For many, this would be the equivalent of stabbing yourself in the eye repeatedly with a hot ice pick. For me, the experience has been surprisingly wonderful.

My in-laws are great people. They’re fun and super nice. Because they live in two story home, they gave the upstairs to us. There’s so many extra rooms up there, that my wife and I each have our own office to do work. Pretty nice.

Here’s a list of the perks of living with the in-laws.

  1. No rent. We’re saving about $500 a month
  2. No utilities. That’s probably saving us about $200
  3. Free cable and Internet. Savings: $75
  4. Free laundry.
  5. Big family dinners once a week.
  6. The in-laws take us out to eat every once in awhile.
  7. I can talk football with father-in-law
  8. My wife has someone to talk to when I’m gone all day at law school

It’s not like my in-laws aren’t getting anything out of this deal either. In return, my wife and I have taken on the chores my in-laws did not like to do. I mow the yard, rake the leaves, and take the recyclables to the recycling center. Mrs. FLS vacuums the house, makes dinner every once in a while, and does the dishes. Mother in law even said she’s going to miss us when we move out. We just might have to spend another year here.

Report for the Day

Written by The Frugal Law Student

The day is over. School went well. Time to give my report.

I’m happy to say that my wife and I spent no money today.

More good news. Mrs. Frugal Law Student might be getting another job at the community college. So, that should increase our income and help pay off loans.