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November Report

Written by The Frugal Law Student

Our networth as of today is $-42,283. I messed up the Networth IQ entry. Thus, our improvement isn’t showing on the graph. However, in according to Microsoft Money, our networth in October was sitting at $-42,570. So, we made a $287 improvement. It’s nothing big, but it’s a start.

Here’s a list of things that we did to increase out networth by $287.

I think it also helped that our mutual funds did really well this past month. However, if today’s any indication of things to come, our success in the market might be taking a break.

Weekly Report

Written by Brett McKay

  1. Opened an ING Direct account. The interest rate is 4.4%. Plus, they gave me $25 just for opening the account. If you would like a referral, feel free to e-mail me at frugallawstudent@gmail.com
  2. Opened a Sharebuilder Account. If you set up a monthly investment plan, it only costs $4 for each buy. I also got a $50 sing up bonus using one of the several promotion codes listed at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.
  3. Using Envelope System. The envelope system is amazing. We’ve gone down from spending $400 a month on groceries and cosmetics for Mrs. FLS to $250. Knowing you only have the amount of money in the envelope to spend definitely curtails spending.
  4. Dinner Party Redux. The last time Mrs. FLS and I had people over for dinner it was costly both in time and money. We learned from our mistakes and opted for a cheap and simple Thai Pai meal. Our guests brought over egg rolls and desert.
  5. Added a new banner. I created it without spending a dime. I used an open source photoshop program called Gimp and downloaded the picture of the scale from a free stock photo site.