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Stop the Junk Mail and Phone Solicitors

Written by Brett McKay

The New York Times has a good article on getting off the lists of direct marketers. Here are some of the highlights

Phone Solicitations
Got to donotcall.gov to register your phone number. You can do this with your cell.

Junk Mail
You can go to the Direct Marketing Association’s online form to request to be taken off the lists.

Use your e-mail service’s span filter.

Credit Card Offers
I hate these things. Major credit bureaus allow you to opt out for prescreened credit card offers for years by filling out a form here.

Another avenue to stop the credit offers is to the credit freeze. This is the kind of the atomic bomb option. The article suggests only doing this if you think you’ve been the victim of identity theft.

Get Spybot or Ad-aware to get rid of the spyware. These can be downloaded at download.com.
DoubleClick is a company that that collects data for online marketers. They have a page that shows you how to prevent your computer from giving out info. Lexis Nexis has giant people directory that includes your social security number. You can try to request that your name be taken off the list, but you have to be the victim of identity theft before Lexis will consider it.

Real Estate Filings
Whenever you file a deed, information about you is open to the public. Many companies use government records to compile list of new homeowners so they can send you coupons and the such. There’s not much you can do about this because the records are open to the public. The article suggests getting a lawyer to help in the process.