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Written by Brett McKay

Here are a few posts that caught my eye recently and wanted to share with my readers.

Back From Vermont

Written by Brett McKay

Well, I got back from my week long trip to Vermont Monday night. My family and I had a really good time. The scenery was beautiful and we packed in a ton of activities while we were there. Activities included: mountain biking, visiting the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory, and touring Calvin Coolidge’s birthplace.

I started my clerkship with the US Trustees office yesterday, so I haven’t had much time to write. However, I plan on busting out a few posts tonight so I have some stuff ready for the rest of the week. Until then, please check out these great links I’ve recently stumbled upon:

I’m Vermont Bound

Written by Brett McKay

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for a week long stay in Vermont. I’m pretty excited about the trip seeing how this will be my first time to visit the eastern US. I have posts in queue for while I’m gone, so no need to worry about missing out on your daily fill of The Frugal Law Student. 😉 Take care and have a Happy 4th of July!

The Frugal Law Student Month In Review- June 2007

Written by Brett McKay

June was a great month for The Frugal Law Student. We had over 12,000 visitors plus several new subsribers. Thank you to all my readers as well as fellow bloggers who have helped spread the word about The Frugal Law Student

Most Popular Posts

Here are June’s most popular posts based on the number of visits:

  1. Massive Personal Finance Resource List– This is what brought in most of the new traffic and I have JD Roth at Get Rich Slowly to thank for it. He was kind enough to include this post in his daily links. From there, it got the crap del.icio.used out of it and ended up at the top of the del.ico.us hot page for a day. When all was said and done, over 3,000 people came by in one day. Since then, I’ve had daily residual traffic to this post. Thaks, JD!
  2. 180 Money Saving Tips That Will Turn Your Life Around 180 Degrees– I wrote this in May, but it’s still a popular one. It was included in The Frugal Life newsletter recently. As a result, I had several new people stop by.
  3. 10 Ways To Make Money and Save Money On Facebook– As a big fan of Facebook, this was a fun post to write. Check out how you can take advantage of Facebook’s social network to help your bottom line.
  4. Better Than Netflix– This post was written by my lovely wife, Kate. It’s about how the library is way better than Netflix. Not only can you get free books at the library, you can get free CDs and DVDs. Boo yah!

In Case You Missed It…

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the month:

  1. Ideas For Homemade Father’s Day Cards and Beyond– written by my awesome wife, Kate. Lots of great ideas.
  2. Interview With Saira Rao, Author of Chambermaid– This was my first interview with a big time author. Check out Saira’s new book, Chambermaid!
  3. Frugal Experiment: Brushing Your Teeth With Baking Soda– This is my experience with brushing my teeth with baking soda. Result: it made my breath smell like poo.


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Written by Brett McKay

As regular viewer of MTV and VH1, I take notice of the advertisements that are shown regularly. The ones that seem to get the most play are the commercials hocking cell phone ring tones or horoscopes/jokes/numerology sent to your phone. The way these commercials work is that viewers text a message to a number, and instantly the viewer has the content advertised.

However, the commercial keeps the price of these useless services in the fine print. So, some hapless teenager or oblivious parent will be spending money on a product that they didn’t know cost money. Today, I tried to get a glimpse of how much it would cost me to have my horoscope sent directly to my cell phone. According to the fine print that was at the bottom of the screen for maybe two seconds, a month of horoscopes would cost $5. There were also some hidden fees that I couldn’t make out, so it probably costs more. I can’t believe people spend $5 dollars to get something they could get for free online.

Every time my wife and I see these commercials we always ask ourselves “Who actually buys this crap?” My guess is clueless teenagers. I’m glad I’m not a parent who has to pay a cell phone bill.

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Ideas for Homemade Father’s Day Cards and Beyond

Written by Mrs. FLS

Father’s Day is Sunday. Have you bought a card for your dad yet? Well I hope not….because you should make one instead! I have always been really into making homemade cards. Not just because it is frugal-which it is-but because they are so much better than store bought cards. Why buy someone a card with a canned sentiment that doesn’t really express how you feel? “Dear Dad, my heart swells with love and gratitude as deep as a rolling river on this Father’s Day.” Ick. Most people, both those who buy the card and those who receive it, barely even read the inscription because they know someone they have never met, toiling away in Hallmark’s offices, wrote it. A homemade card allows you to write your own message and most importantly it tells the recipient that you cared enough to take the time to make something yourself with the person in mind. People seriously love homemade cards. No joke.

I think I have a knack for homemade cards. But I know that some people struggle to come up with good/funny ideas. So I thought I would share some ideas I have used in the past. Some of them are good for Father’s Day, and some are for other occasions or any old time. These cards are so easy, you will be finished making it in the time it would have taken to drive to Walgreen’s and back.

The easiest way to come up with a homemade card idea is to think of a funny pun. Don’t worry if it is cheesy or silly, the cheesier and sillier the better. Then you just build the card around that pun.

For example: Cut out a gray circle from construction paper. Glue a little string to the “top” (inasmuch as a circle has a top). Then draw a little flame, cut it out, and glue it to the top of the string. On the back of the circle, write “I hope your Father’s Day/Birthday is the BOMB!” Or, since bomb is rather “out” these days, write “I hope your ____is a BLAST!” Cheesy and delicious.

The easiest source of puns is food for some reason. I have this non-realistic dream of manufacturing a line of greeting cards called “Comfort Foods.” Since this is never going to happen, here are some of my ideas you can make at home. Note: for all these ideas, you can either cut the actual card into the shape or object mentioned, draw it, or what is even easier for the non-art inclined, simply find the picture online, print it, cut it out, and paste it on the front of card.

1. For example cut the card into the shape of a pickle or draw or paste a picture of a pickle unto the front of folded paper. On the inside write “You’ve always been there to help me out of a pickle. Happy Father’s Day!”

2. Cut/Paste/Draw a picture of a bunch of grapes. Then inside write “Hope you have a GRAPE Father’s Day/Birthday/Ect.

3. Cut out a white circle. Color a yellow circle in the middle. On the back write “Hope you have an Egg-cellent Father’s Day/Birthday/Ect.

4. Cut/Paste/Draw a slice of pizza. On the back write “You’re the best slice of life! Have a good……”

5. Cut/Copy/Draw a wedge of cheese. Write on front “I know this may sounds cheesy…” and then on the back write “but you’re the best dad/husband/friend in the world!”

Or for a more complicated variation on this theme: Draw a cob of corn on yellow construction paper. Cut it out. Cut out some green paper husk leaves. Attach them to the bottom of cob so they cover the bottom and the corn cob sprouts out. Write on the outside of the leaves “I know this may sound corny….” And then they bend back the husk leaves, and on the inside of the leaves or on the part of cob that was covered you have written “But you are the best __________ in the world!”

Current Events and Pop Culture are also fertile sources of ideas for puns for your card. For example for a love interest:

1. Find a picture of Kim Jong Il, dictator of N. Korea, print it, cut it out, and paste it on the front of folded paper. Draw a red heart around him. On the inside write “I just wanted to tell you that I’m CRAZY about you!”

2. Or print and cut out a picture of Mr. Peanut. Paste it, and on the inside of the card write, “I’m NUTS about you.” This would also work with a picture of a squirrel.

3. When the “The Secret” had just hit it big in the news and on Oprah, Brett made me a card in which he drew The Secret’s symbol on the front and wrote inside “It’s no secret I love you a lot.” Or when I was into watching the Bachelor reality show (it was a guilty pleasure, so sue me!), he made a card with a rose on the front, and inside it, it said “Kate, will you accept this rose?” Funny, ironic, sweet. What more can you ask for?

If you want to do something more involved, here are a couple of ideas:

1. A good Father’s Day “card” for kids to make is as follows. Draw a very little picture of your dad and cut it out. Stuff it inside a blue balloon. Blow up balloon and tie it off. Tape some green construction paper continents to the outside. Present the balloon to dad to pop. When he does, the little picture of himself will fall out and you will have written on it before insertion, “You are the best dad in the world!” Classic.

2. Here is a good one for a love interest. Cut/Draw/Paste a picture of a fisherman. Attach a string to his “pole.” At the end place a construction paper fish. On the fish write: “You are such a catch! I love you!”

For a Thank You card to someone for sending you money:

1. Cut/Draw/Paste a picture of a cow. On the back or inside write “Thank you for the Moooooola.”

2. Cut/Draw/Paste a picture of someone spreading butter on a slice of bread. Inside or on the back write “Thank you for spreading the love.”

So here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Give dad something funny, personalized, memorable, and from the heart this Sunday. And save a couple bucks in the process!