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How to Make 4 Cents a Week From Your Blog

Written by Brett McKay

I made a nice discovery today of a great personal finance blog called Rich Minx. (What a great name!) The Rich Minx has written a hilariously insightful post on how to earn 4 cents a week from Adsense. As a low income Adsense user, I was nodding my head during the entire post saying to myself “Yep, I do that.”

My favorites were:

  • Join networking sites that no one actually uses.
    Sign up for all the blog networking sites. This will generate some traffic, maybe 10 visits a day. That’s enough for your 4c. The funny thing is right before I read her post I had just signed up with BlogCatalog. Networking sites are nice in theory, but I honestly haven’t seen much traffic come my way after signing up with them.
  • Digg your articles but don’t let anyone else Digg them.
    1 Digg, that’s enough to generate two or three visitors out of pity. I’ve dugg my own articles. I know it’s an internet faux pas, but who cares. Digging my sites haven’t brought me much traffic.
  • Instead of blogging, just keep checking your stats and income.
    That day when you make 1c will encourage you to keep going. Am I ever guilty of this. I’m a total stats whore. There are times when I’m checking them every 10 minutes. I think I get the same pleasure from checking my sites as crack head taking a hit.

Stop by the Rich Minx. The content is awesome and she has a very sharp, fun-to-read writing style. Rich Minx is definitely going into my Google Reader.

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Finals Update

Written by Brett McKay

I apologize for the complete lack of posting this past week and a half. I was hoping to post a few times but my legal writing brief took up more time than I thought it would. However, after five redrafts, I’m finally done with it and I’m turning it in today. Good riddance trial brief!

Tomorrow I have my first test. It’s in Con Law. I feel pretty good about it. On Saturday, I have property. I’m not feeling so good about that. Then, for some strange reason, my crimp law final is scheduled a week after my property final.

Now that my brief is done, I’ll be able to post. So, check back for updates. Or just make it easy for yourself and subscribe to my feed through email or reader.

Now that my brief is done, I’ll be able to post. So, check back for updates. Or just make it easy for yourself and subscribe to my feed through email or reader.

Monthly Review- March

Written by Brett McKay

I’ve decided to do a monthly review of how The Frugal Law Student is doing. It’s a nice way for me to see how I’m progressing and hopefully my success can inspire others with their blogs.

During March, I had 3,800 visitors in March. That’s up from 1,700 in February. Not too shabby. Thanks to all those who visited my blog for the first time during March, and thanks to all my continuing readers.
My RSS subscription is sitting at 9. I really want to improve my RSS subscription. If anybody has suggestions on how I can do this, please feel free to contact me.

This month’s popular posts

My jump in traffic can be attributed to this month’s most popular posts.

  1. How to Get Rich Quick Meaningfully. This is what caused the spike in my traffic. I was fortunate enough to get included in The Kirk Report’s Weekend Reading. Thanks for the link, Kirk!
  2. GTD and Your Finances: The Weekly Money Review. Thanks to a link and Digg from Legal Andrew, this post brought in some new readers. Thanks, Andrew! And thank you new readers for stopping by and reading.
  3. 11 Free Video Games That Will Develop Your Business & Personal Finance Skills. This was a fun post to write and research, and it looks like you all had fun reading it.

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You Gotta “Believe” in Network Marketing

Written by Brett McKay


Everyone has met one of these people during their life- the network marketer or better known as the pyramid schemer. You have “business” meetings with them to learn about crappy products to hawk to your family and friends. However, the real money is getting more people signed up with the program. For every person you sign on, you get a small commission of that person’s sales. You even get a percentage of the sells of the individuals that your “sells reps” bring in. It’s supposed to be formula to getting rich quickly, but it hardly works out that way. You usually end up losing money buying the starter kit for the crappy products you’re supposed to sell.

A new mockumentry called Believe takes the culture of network marketing and tears it to shreds. Believe follows an unemployed steel mill worker as he climbs the many levels of the network marketing company called Believe. However, he starts to realize that the company has been misleading people at their over the top sells conventions. Should he turn a blind eye and keep amassing wealth or should he walk away from it all?

From the look of the trailers, Believe looks like a decent movie. The acting doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t look incredibly bad either. The guy that plays the slick salesman does a great job capturing that slimy, but aw-shucks aurora that many multi-level marketers have.

Because Believe is an independent film, it has a limited release. I’ll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

This Is (My) Spinal Tap

Written by Brett McKay


I apologize for the lack of posts this week, but I came down with some weird infection and wound up in the hospital Wednesday. During my lovely stay at the hospital I had the pleasure in having a spinal tap done. I was so out of it, I don’t remember it hurting too much. Thankfully, the spinal tap showed that I didn’t have meningitis, which would have been horrible.

Anyway, I got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. I’m still feeling… blah. It might be awhile before I start posting regularly again because I have to play some catch up at school. So, please be patient. During my recovery time, why not check out my archive pages?

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Written by Brett McKay

Andrew from Legal Andrew tagged me in a new meme that’s going around the blogsphere. This one is about what you want to be when you grow up.


When I was younger, I wanted to work for the CIA. I obsessed about spies. I had Spy Gear, I would make invisible ink with lemon juice to make secret messages, and I was obsessed with James Bond.

After I found out that working for the CIA would require me to be away from the family a lot, I decided that wasn’t a good idea.


I then went through a magic phase, like I think most kids do. David Copperfield was a mulleted god to me. I watched his specials religiously. My mom would take to me the library and I would check out every book on magic that they had. I joined the International Magicians Association. Going to a magic shop was like making a pilgrimage to a holy site.

Why didn’t I become a magician? I can’t palm a coin. No matter how much I practice, I could never master the skill that every magician needs. Oh, well.


Sometime around high school I got the idea of being a lawyer. My AP U.S. history teacher really inspired me. He’s an attorney. He had a pretty decent sized practice before he became a teacher. He kept a few of his clients and still worked with them while he taught. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, he was incredibly smart. I figured if wanted to be that smart, I needed to be a lawyer. I then met more and more attorneys and was impressed with all the good stuff they were doing. Some made lots of money doing, others didn’t. But they all enjoyed their work. That always impressed me. So, now I’m in law school working on become an attorney.

The future?

My goal is to practice law and have some sort of side business going on at the same time. It would fulfill both my need for stability and entrepreneurship.

Tag, you’re it!

This is my least favorite part of these memes. I can never think of people to send them to. I’ll tag my big sis, Shannon Bolt. Here you go, Shan.